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Configuring your Skywave DMR800

  1. If you haven't already, contact Skywave to activate the terminal. Please keep a copy of the Terminal ID as you will use this ID to register your device with the tracking platform.
  2. Download the DMR800 Configuration Script and DMR800 Message Definitions files attached to this document.
  3. Connect the DMR800 to your computer and power and open the Scope program provided with the IsatM2M Developer's Toolkit.
  4. Choose File->Connect to connect to the device.
  5. After the program has connected to the device, choose the File->Load Files... menu.
  6. Under Script Designer File:, load the DMR800 Configuration Script. Under the Message Designer File:, load the DMR800 Message Definitions file. Click OK.
  7. Add the device to the tracking portal using the Terminal ID you received above and selecting Skywave M2M as the device type.