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Configuring your Skywave DMR800

  • If you haven't already, contact Skywave to activate the terminal. Please keep a copy of the Terminal ID as you will use this ID to register your device with the tracking platform.
  • Download the DMR800 Configuration Script and Message Definition files attached to this document.
  • Connect the DMR800 to your computer and power and open the Scope program provided with the IsatM2M Developer's Toolkit.
  • Choose File->Connect to connect to the device.
  • After the program has connected to the device, choose the File->Load Files... menu.
  • Under Script Designer File:, load the DMR800 Configuration Script. Under the Message Designer File:, load the DMR800 Message Definitions file. Click OK.
  • Add the device to the tracking portal using the Terminal ID you received above and selecting Skywave M2M as the device type.